09 Aug 2018

Maintaining Your Joyful State: Shinkiko Energy & Oki-Do Yoga Retreat


December 7, 2018 All Day

Maintaining your joyful state: Shinkiko energy & Oki-Do Yoga Retreat

This is a rare and very special opportunity to spend 3 days with world renowned teachers from Japan. Participants will be introduced to Shinkiko energy- a universal healing energy, powerful yoga practices, and much more.  The retreat will include lectures and practices that support, build, and maintain healthy ki (energy). These practices can also assist with the cultivation of deep happiness and joy and support physical body health. You do not want to miss this unique opportunity!

December 7-9  2018

Friday December 7, 10am-8pm

Saturday December 8, 6am-9pm

Sunday December 9, 6am-12pm

Location:  The Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, Texas  (207 Barsana Ave, Austin, TX 78737)

Early registration until September 15 is $595: this includes meals, lodging, and the full 3 day seminar.  Registration after September 15 is $695. Registration after October 31 is $795.  We ask that you please stay on site. Thank you!


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To pay: http://bit.ly/shinkikoretreat

For questions: Mary at Mjnicosia@gmail.com


Osamu Tatsumura is a world-renowned holistic health instructor and Japanese Yoga teacher with 47 years of experience.  In 1985, after Master Oki’s passing, he became the director of the Head Oki Dojo. He established the Gudo Yoga Center (also known as Tatsumura Yoga Institute) to research the practice of Yoga and the way of true peace and is also the director of the International Integrated Yoga Institute.  He teaches Japanese style yoga (oki-do yoga), Tanden (HARA) strengthening method based on the evolution of the brain, tree breathing meditation method, Tatsumura style finger yoga, eye yoga, ear yoga, correcting misalignment of the body and soul methods, correcting breathing methods, arahan mantra meditation method, and chakra scale vocalization meditation method.

Nakagawa Masato is the CEO of Shinkiko (SAS, Inc.).  He has been practicing Shinkiko for 25 years and his father was the founder of the Shinkiko healing system. After his father’s passing in 1995 he has been actively spreading the wisdom of Shinkiko to people all over the world and is presently the leader of Shinkiko.  Shinkiko is a system of healing that is the study of the non-physical world (such as Ki energy, heart or Spirit) in relation to the physical world (such as illnesses, relationships, finances, and the environment). The essence of Shinkiko education is learning the characteristics and the natural laws of Ki, and uncovering wisdom through purification of the Heart. He has recently published Ki-An Energy of Light That Fills Your Mind-Body and Soul.

Masumi Takahashi is a leading Shinkiko Practitioner, certified by SAS,Inc. She has edited and translated several books and articles on Shinkiko.  She also advocates for the integration of healing energy in health care systems.

Kuwahara T. Koei is a licensed Acupuncturist, founder of Culia Ki Clinic, Chairman of the Hari Society and preceptor at the New England School of Acupuncture.  He continues to develop the Hari (Kototama) style of Japanese acupuncture that draws from various systems practiced by his teachers. He has been instructing at the postgraduate level all over the world for the last 35 years and has 45 years of Aikido experience. In 1991, he attended a full 10 day camp training from Shinkiko founder, Nasato Nakagawa Sensei, and since that time has practiced and shared Shinkiko to the West.

Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura, Ph.D, O.M.D. established the Okido Holistic Health Center in 1994 and at the wake of 9/11 Tragedy and the GAIA Holistic Center in New York City in 2001. One of the most successful therapies Dr. Tatsumura has developed is the Far Infrared Onnetsu (heat) Therapy. This therapy is based off of a combination of ancient Japanese philosophy and the modern technology. Far Infrared Onnetsu Therapy has been found to be a remarkable Alternative Therapy for cancer and other degenerative diseases. Her tireless lifelong work in Philanthropic field is vast and well known ranging from Save the Beacon Theater, Save the Boat People, Help the Homeless, Natural Disaster relief, AIDS,  HIV positive children in Africa, and work for Tibet and Tibetan children. Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura has written numerous articles and co-authored several books, “Overcoming Cancer and Other Diseases in a Holistic Way”, “Your Immune Revolution & Healing Your Healing Power “(with Toru Abo, M.D.)

Register: http://bit.ly/BigSolRegistration

To pay: http://bit.ly/shinkikoretreat

For questions: Mary at Mjnicosia@gmail.com


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